I’m hanging up my road shoes

What a year of ups and downs…and I don’t just mean my running. But speaking about running, one constant has been my injuries which all started when I did my first road half early in the year. Clearly my body does not like the repetitive hammering on tar and after months of shin splints, a sore right knee and tender left ankle, I have decided enough is enough. Injury meant I missed out on this year’s Paris marathon (heart-breaking standingyou-are-a-runner on the sidelines especially when I spotted some South African runners racing by!) and that I have had to pull out of other events which is always disappointing.

I only really started running at the beginning of last year when I discovered trail and decided to get off my couch and join in. During that year I never had 1 injury. While of course I experienced sore muscles and a few aches and pains from starting out (and let’s face it, age!), I never had any injuries as such. While trail has its own challenges (which I love), it is kinder on the body from a surface point of view. And is more varied overall which suits my knees more.

running-shoesSo, as I head back into the mountains at a last attempt to get fit(ter) before the CT Ultra in 23 days (yikes), I am sure that this is where I am supposed to be…on all our glorious trails that we are so blessed to have. I’ll leave the roads to the rest of you.

Although, should I win the lotto, you might just see me at the Paris start line.


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