I am back

mojoI can’t believe it’s been 3 months since I posted here. I sort of lost my running mojo a little and decided to take some time out. What did this teach me? Mainly that I’m not a youngster anymore because boy, do I lose fitness at a rapid rate now (sadly the opposite occurs with weight). But the break did me good mentally and I’m now starting to feel the motivation I need to get back out there.

My next challenge is St. Lukes Hospice’s annual trail run on 20 November. Those that have read my blog from the beginning know that this was my first longer trail race last year and it is very emotional for me in that I run it for my incredible Dad who sadly passed away from cancer, now 2 years ago. St. Lukes are worthy of so much and I can’t really put into words how appreciative I am of all they did for my Dad and us all. I do try and support them in any small way I can and one way is I am committed to supporting this race every year whenever I can.

This year, however, I will also be accepting sponsorships – so I’d better do it and do it well! I have already had some kind people generously donate and if you are interested, no matter how small (every Rand helps!), please get in touch (info@thebeautifulstore.com). To say I will greatly appreciate it is an understatement.


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