Heavenly runs, feeling safe and loads of chocolate

Greetings from a beautiful St. Cyprien, France. I feel very blessed to be here especially as it is running heaven with all its rolling hills and beauty to inspire (see some pics below). My friend Hutchi and I have run every day since we arrived and it’s a great way to explore as you see so much more than when sitting in a car. From little hidden streams to incredible houses and views it is ideal. Admittedly we do stop to take pics here and there but we have put in some good time on our legs. My ankle is feeling really strong (for once I listened to the physio and didn’t rush my recovery) and I am starting to feel a little fitter. I think though that I will feel rather glum when supporting the Paris marathon next week as it would have been incredible to do it. Another year! I have bought my South African flag that I will wear as a cape during the 5km pre-marathon race. I am so looking forward to that as it will no doubt be an amazing sight with all the different country’s colours on display.

Besides the incredible beauty, I have to say the drivers here are great when it comes to runners taking up space on their very narrow roads (sometimes they are so narrow they look like one-ways but no, somehow 2 cars manage to pass each other while my heart stops for just for a second) with their lack of pavements.  Every driver allowed us to keep on running and instead moved out of our way, some even waving in greeting, and it is a pleasure sharing the road with them.

Another great thing about running here (or even just being here) is the freedom you feel with being so safe. It is quite difficult to shake off our constant concern when running in quiet areas or even just being at home. Here you do not have to lock your door – ah, I long for the days in South Africa when we could do that. It is perfectly fine as a female, to run alone through the thick forest behind the house we’re staying in or even along the quiet road to the next town. That in itself is bliss.

Today we will be venturing to Bergerac for a look-see and to fetch 2 more of my friends who are the last to arrive before my birthday celebration tomorrow.  I will no doubt be looking out along the way for more runs that we can possibly do – such is the life of a runner!

Happy Easter (with lots of chocolate!) to those that celebrate!



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