Forest runs and thanks to you

I am starting to pack and get organized for my trip to Paris and St. Cyprien, France. It is with a slightly heavy heart as I should be feeling nervous in anticipation of the Paris marathon but, as you all now know, I can no longer run that thanks to a recovering ankle. The good news though is that it is recovering really well and I foresee that it will be 100% ready for my next trail race on 17 April which is the Jonkershoek Mountain Challenge – I haRunning in forestve heard it is a toughie so I’m going to have to put in some extra time out on the mountain before then. St. Cyprien, which is in the Dordogne area in France, is ideal for some trail training as apparently it is incredibly beautiful. And safe. I think it is going to be quite disconcerting running on my own through their beautiful forests knowing that it is safe to do so when I have to avoid it here.

After Jonkershoek, it’s time for final preparation for the Giants Cup on 21 May which I have to say is my highlight. I am even more excited for that than I was for the Paris marathon because well, trail is my first love and running 60k’s in the Drakensberg is a huge goal that I will hopefully achieve. It is also around what would be my Dad’s birthday so I’ll be running for him.

Before I go any further though, I have to thank everyone for firstly being really Thank youencouraging when I was training for Paris and then so understanding and supportive when I was forced to pull out. It’s been said before but to confirm yet again, runners are pretty awesome folk  (as are all of you that have followed my journey)!

In Paris I’ll be doing the fun 5k run the day before the marathon which I am looking forward to as I can only imagine the atmosphere with everyone showing off their country’s colours. I’ve even roped some friends who don’t run into doing it so no doubt fun will be had by all. I’ll post some pics as I’m sure it will be magnificent.

Getting back to talking about forests, it is sad to see that Tokai forest is still so quiet after the shocking murder that took place. I really understand keeping kids away from the area but the rest of us need to be there. I’m not going to go on about it as I’ve already blogged voicing my concerns but we need to show up, we need to make it safer by keeping it as busy as possible especially as who knows how long we will have it for (it has been confirmed that the trees will all be cut down before end 2016 and replaced with fynbos. Ridiculous for safety – but that’s a moan for another day!)

See you next time from France!


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