And I’m out

So Monday was not a happy day. After having to pull out of a 15k race on Saturday (I Sad news facemanaged 4km) because my ankle was not coping and I was hobbling along in pain, the realization that I am not going to make Paris started to really sink in. With 3 weeks to go and not being able to put pressure on my right foot, I could not deny it for much longer. My ankle has been swollen for 2 weeks now so it was time to take action.

On Monday I headed off to the doc to see what they had to say. The news was not good. If I run the marathon, chances are I will do serious long-term damage. And besides, with my level of fitness I need every day and every run possible before then so not doing anything for a month (including the past 2 weeks before the 15km race) will mean I can’t finish it well anyway. The only thing I can do now is rest as much as possible, ice it, and do specific exercises to strengthen it. Basically, I have severely bruised the ankle joint and small bones (I think there are 7?!) around it. No quick fix and no happy answer to my main question: can I still run the Paris marathon.

After Paris I have a 24km trail (Jonkershoek Mountain Challenge) in April and then the mega 60km Giant’s Cup trail in May. I really want to do these and have now made the (sad) decision to rather heal properly and work towards achieving those new goals.

I am only allowed to jog around 3 k’s at the moment so will do that until the pain finally disappears and I can get back to some decent training.

I will still be in Paris during the marathon and will do the 5km race the day before which is apparently incredible – runners dress up in their country’s colours and the atmosphere must be out of this world. I will be there feeling happy and blessed that I’m in my beloved Paris but no doubt tinged with a little sadness that I won’t make my Paris marathon dream come true…this year.

* A big thank you to all of you who have supported and cheered me on this far…I’m sorry I won’t be achieving Paris but hope you’ll stick around for my new journey. And there’s always next year!

* An extra special thanks to the Gazelle who has trained with me all the way (despite not being able to do the marathon!) and who is now helping me with my recovery by doing the short jogs with me. That is a true running mate!


6 thoughts on “And I’m out

  1. I’m really sorry to hear that but the main focus has to be recovery and being able to do the other races so the more patient you can be just now, the better things will be long term


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