I can, I will

On Saturday morning the Gazelle and I met at Constantia Nek for a workout that was tough (that uphill kills me!) but inspiring (what a beautiful place). Constantia NekI was reminded again why trail really is my first love and, while I have this mammoth task ahead of me (trying to complete a marathon), I am looking forward to heading back to my beautiful trail runs once I’m back from Paris. I have quite a few challenges when I return, Jonkershoek in April, and then 60km in the Drakensberg in May but I can’t wait!

But for now, it’s all train, train to hopefully finish what will be an epic road race. So much of getting through training and races is attitude and no one has a better one than the Gazelle. I moan, grumble and yes, swear a lot but she is always so positive, supportive and no matter what I suggest, she’s game (more about that just now). She isn’t coming to Paris and yet has partnered me on this journey with not one complaint and endless enthusiasm. I can’t thank her enough. And the fact that she is now as addicted to 32Gi products as I am, only adds to how great she is. We buy and share our stash like addicts!

When we were about to run down the mountain on Saturday a walker came past with a t-shirt that read, “I can, I will”. The Gazelle pointed it out to me and we both agreed we couldn’t come up with a better mantra for Paris. So I will do my best to repeat that as much as possible and try and adopt the Gazelle’s sunny disposition (although that I can’t promise).

I’ve always said running has put me in contact with such great people and chatting on twitter to Steve (@pt_steveb) is another example. He is also running the Paris marathon but let’s face it, will probably be tucking into a hearty breakfast by the time I am half way through my crawl. However, he’s generous with his support and suggested I now attack some stairs. Of course this is not what I want to hear (I hate, hate stairs!) but I get his logic so I’ll do it. I messaged the Gazelle and told her what he said. I also said I think I need to do the one’s at Constantia Nek (they make hell look good). She said, “when are you going to do this?” I replied, “with you when we train on Tuesday morning”. I got a few emoji’s back but then in usual Gazelle fashion she said, “well, you know I’m game. We’ve come this far and you gotta finish Paris!”. Now that’s what I call an epic training partner.

UP stairsSteve graciously said we can blame him while going through hell so know this, Steve, tomorrow morning, 6.30am South African time, your name will be yelled in pain up and down the stairs of Constantia Nek.

And after that, I’ll try and work on acquiring my new sunny disposition.


4 thoughts on “I can, I will

  1. Great Article Rachelle. Stairs are good and a break from the streets. I found that track work and ‘fartlek’ (not sure of the spelling there) produced the biggest cuts in my times. Running is a great sport and most runners are good folk and willing to help one another, the only strange thing about them is they are never fit. Maybe it’s just that they want to do better all the time. Anyways I’m looking forward to reading all about your first Marathon.


    1. Ha that’s the thing, you manage to do 10k’s and then it’s 15k’s etc. so you’re never really fit enough 😉 Thank you for your support – I hope I manage to complete the marathon. I am honestly way behind in my training but onwards, forwards, I won’t know unless I try! One day when you’re in CT we’ll have to go for a run up the mountain!


  2. If I feel my ears burning then I’ll know it’s you cursing me! I like the line “I can, I will” which can be a line to use tomorrow between swear words. Another way to look at the marathon is not “if” you can do it but why can’t you do it? When was the last time you didn’t complete a run? You CAN do it and you WILL have the most amazing time doing it 🙂


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