Fear, caffeine and a little swearing

In 44 days I will run the Paris Marathon. I say this with great fear. I am still not sure how I am going to get to the end of it (the only thing I am sure of is that a lot of walking, sweating and let’s face it, probably swearing, will be 44involved) and I am way, way behind in my training. I will be doing my first half marathon ever (!) this Sunday and I’m nervous for that but realize that it is still only halfway to what I have to do in 44 (FORTY FOUR!!!) days.

In the past week, after some research, I discovered 32Gi* products (for those who are dumbfounded that I’d never heard of them, it is simply another indication of how new I am to this running thing!).  They are exactly what I’ve been looking for. Given that I need all the help I can get, I bought a few different items, shared them with the Gazelle and out we went to test them. I don’t know if it’s just psychological (sorry 32Gi, I’m sure it’s not!) but they definitely seem to help and I had more focus and energy during our morning runs. I am going to test them on Sunday during my hellish half marathon (can you see how much I’m looking forward to it?!) and if they propel me to the end, I will toss out some of my clothing to make room for them in my suitcase to Paris! Actually, they’re so conveniently packaged that I won’t need much space for them at all. Good news as I have lots to pack including a tiara – well, it is my birthday while I’m there and I have to celebrate in style, you know (read that as my friends are insisting I wear it for the day)!

After looking at Mark Wolff’s twitter bio (the co-founder of 3Gi), and reading his blog (the man is Trust your crazy ideasa machine) I did have a moment of ‘oh dear’ because it hit me again of just how unfit I (still) am and how crazy this whole idea is.

But, I’m going to do it, somehow, even if it means crawling to the end. I will simply pop a 32Gi caffeine shot so I can drag my tired and weary body over that finish line.


*No, 32Gi have not sponsored me to write this (hahaha, they only sponsor real athletes, people!)…my delight in finding something that could potentially help me is the sole reason for my waxing lyrical about them.



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