Paris Marathon, I’m shaking

Today I bought chia seeds, unsweetened almond drink, spinach, flax and sunflower seeds, whey powder, steel cut wholegrain oats, fat free yoghurt, and enough fruit and veg to Healthy Eatingsupply my entire suburb. Although, I’m not going to lie, I had to look up most of the goodies as they were foreign to me. Chia? The only thing I know resembling that is Chai latte’s which are not friendly to my hips. To many people, this mega healthy food purchase would hardly be earth shattering news but to those that know me well (Lisa, I’m thinking of you right now), this is not a normal shopping list for me. I mean, where’s the chocolate? Custard? Treats?!

But I have now turned over a new leaf (I was going to say spinach leaf but didn’t want anyone to think the new me has also become exceptionally corny) and here I am, acting like a true athlete, running (nearly) every day, eating healthy smoothies, and fish and vegetables, and even feeling excited about my plan to get up and meet the Gazelle at 6.30am on Sunday morning (yes people, Sunday!) and run roughly 18k’s….simply because we want to!

It really is amazing what fear can do….Paris Marathon, clearly you’ve got me petrified. fear

P.s. my first smoothie creation had fat free yoghurt, grapes, banana, tangerine and raspberries and was absolutely delicious! Tomorrow I’ll be trying my first smoothie with spinach….can’t say I’m excited but who knows, the new me might just like it.

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