The life of an athlete

Today I completed my first ever 10km road race. For many this won’t be much but it was a milestone for me. And yes, I runner girl2appreciate that I have to do 42km in less than 2 months’ time but as everyone who knows me knows, I like a little pressure! The Gazelle and I entered the Lion of Africa 10k race and I have to admit, I was nervous. I’ve done quite a bit further than that in trail but, being the odd person I am, I find that a whole lot easier. Road running is not my strength (and again I appreciate I will have to do 42k’s in Paris very, very soon) and I have a negative voice in my head that repeatedly tells me I can’t do it. Well, this morning that voice slept in because my happy, ‘you can do this’ voice was loud and clear and got me to the end. Not only did I finish but I loved it! Not something I thought I would ever say about pounding the road.

I had a mini plan to pace myself and walk briefly at certain points but everything just clicked and my plan went out the window. When I hit 8k’s I started to feel it but on I went and while I could have stopped at 9, finishing the 10k’s was fabulous! For some reason though, when I know the end is in sight I start to feel tired and just want to stop. Most (normal?) people would feel energized knowing that they’re almost there but I suddenly register that I’ve gone further than ever before and look, I still have *another* 1k to do. But on I went.

As I ran towards the finish, people starting screaming and shouting their support Runner girl finishing“amazing”, “well done”, “incredible run” and just as I started to feel my head swell with pride, I realized it was because 2 guys were running next to me finishing the 21k race!

Nevertheless, I did it and I feel proud and happy. And after eating an epic breakfast (healthy, of course), I now might have a little lie down.

Ah, the life of an athlete.

2 thoughts on “The life of an athlete

  1. Well done!!!!! “Whoop” I’m the same when I run. Mentally when I get to 4kms of a 5km run, I’m dead! When I’ve done 8kms of a 10km, I think I’ll never finish and yet I can comfortably run 10kms if I’m doing a half marathon and only feel like dying close to the 17km mark! Lol! It’s mental!


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