If I could bottle some energy

It is currently hot in Cape Town. Very hot. This does not make me happy. Nor encourage run11me to get out of my couch slouch position and move in any direction. However, Paris is looming…and I’ve entered my first ever half marathon next month so let’s just say, I now have little choice. The Gazelle and I met in the forest this morning which meant a very early wake up (for me) and some very confused dogs.

Henry and Jack are angels who normally wait patiently each morning until I eventually (‘eventually’ could be any time from 4am for them!) stir. Once I’ve opened 1 eye at least, 2 tails wag until they almost fall off and excitement reigns. How lucky to be greeted like this every day! We have a routine where I open the bedroom curtains, we all look out in wonder and they then race to the door in the hopes that not only will they finally be let out, but that mom will pick up a ball and play immediately. This, as I am sure you can imagine, doesn’t suit mom who likes to ease into the day preferably with a coffee on hand (I am determined to find a way where they can serve me coffee each morning. Hard ask, I know, but I’m working on it). So imagine their joy this morning when at 5am the alarm rudely awoke me. I began to hope that the Gazelle would cancel (not that this is likely) so that I could turn over and dream on. However, I then thought that even if she did, I need to get running, I have very little time left and really, no (more) excuses worth using.

Having the Tokai forest on our doorstep is a real blessing and if running there in the early morning when it is quiet (and somewhat cooler!) with the beautiful mountain view doesn’t inspire you, nothing will. We did a nice trot around (admittedly with a few moans and groans as is par for the course) after which I came home and yes, played ball with my boys. I watched them run and roll and go crazy and thought ‘imagine if I could bottle that’! It seems endless. I take them for an hour run (they run, I walk!) and swim The boysin the forest every afternoon and 5 minutes after getting back, they’ll find me on the couch (is it clear how much I love my couch?!) and want to play ball…again…and again. It dawned on me then that they are really inspiring – their enthusiasm for life, for fun and exercise, and their athletic abilities! And while I love them desperately, I need to forget about teaching them to make me my morning coffee and rather concentrate on sapping their energy and using it for myself.

10 weeks and 6 days until the Paris Marathon. Yes, I’m counting (while simultaneously weeping.)

3 thoughts on “If I could bottle some energy

  1. Awe! They are too cute! My two dogs are too small to run with. Through the complex (ie: 200m) and they’re exhausted! You gave the perfect running mates!


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