The thing is…

It is always easier not to do something rather than do it. And yet we are usually always so much happier once we have done it. Aren’t we humans funny things. Alright, I’ll speak for myself. I have eased into 2016 rather slowly. I no longer do resolutions (what is the failure rate?) and instead of 2016 goalshaving a long list of humungous aspirations, I am keeping it simple. My over-riding goals this year are simply to be healthy, fit and happy. That’s it. And to make sure that I not only make healthier food choices but that I also reach my fitness goals (well let’s face it, I have no choice! Paris marathon is now less than 3 months away *pours stiff drink*).

Getting fit is hard, really hard. To help you along, you need to find inspiration wherever you can. I’m currently battling a very sore lower back (think it is simply from shock as my body is still unsure of what is going on given that it has had a very cushy existence for the past 20 years and is now in hell!) and am feeling pretty glum. As you know from my earlier posts, losing my Dad has had a tremendous effect on me and perhaps because it is all tied into the beginning of my running, I am taking strain. So emotional and body strain together makes for a demotivated me at the moment.

However, as all you runners know, getting out there and doing something always helps you feel better. This morning I was very tired. I sent a message to the Gazelle saying I wasn’t going to join our weekly group trail run and instead went to the new parkrun at Constantia. It is pure trail (my first love) and even better, mostly in the shade. I did a slow jog (easing my back into it) and while I spent much time “in my head”, I felt really inspirationinspired by the surrounding beauty – so much so that I had more positive than negative thoughts for once! Usually I’m talking myself out of my ability to run (why do I still do that? I really need to find a mental coach) but today I just thought of my incredible Dad, my inspiring brother (who has done over 60 parkruns now and who is the reason I am running at all) and felt content. When I had about 1 more km to go, my negative voice made an appearance but was beaten down by a fellow runner who noticed I was starting to slow and said “you can’t do that, you’re my marker”. It was just what I needed. We both picked up our pace and charged (okay, I tend to exaggerate) towards the end line. I don’t know who she is but she inspired me greatly! And was another reminder of just how nice people can be.

I have 12 weeks until the Paris marathon. In that time I have a lot to do (now I am not exaggerating). I am going to need to escalate my training dramatically (as I have repeatedly said) and also sort out my lower back, buy new running shoes (Asics!) and put some mileage on these legs. I will be doing my first ever half marathon next month as a further step towards Paris – just achieving that will be no doubt take me out of this gloom and send me over the moon (*puts down stiff drink*). pic10

2 thoughts on “The thing is…

  1. I totally get you about a mental coach! I think running is definitely 90% what your head tells you & what you believe! But the more you get out there, the more you train that head (I keep trying to convince myself!) And wow, there’s no bigger goal than a marathon! I’m sure I read somewhere that only 1% or something like that have ever run a marathon in their life times! That’s massive so don’t stop! (Ps: {{hugs}} about the loss of your Dad)


    1. Thank you and for inspiring me via your blog! I agree that I just need to keep on getting out there to conquer my negative head. Although maybe it’s realistic (haha) given that I’ve never done a half marathon and am trying to finish a full one in less than 3 months. Oh well, as you so brilliantly said, “Set big, hairy, audacious goals”. Thank you for your wonderful support and here’s to a year of wonderful runs.

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