Running, running but going nowhere

I’ve been running. A lot. Well, a lot as in nearly every day but certainly not a lot as in distance. This is worrying me but I am trying to keep calm given that it is my first week of training really (which christmas-party-foodis not smart considering it is also Christmas time which means so many delicious goodies to eat).

I officially started my Paris training on 22 December (yes, I appreciate this is ridiculously late especially given that I can’t exactly run very far at this stage). The Gazelle and I have run around Tokai forest every morning (sometimes this has involved swearing, I have to be honest) and then yesterday did parkrun (the Gazelle excelled and I was, well, let’s just say, not pretty). This morning, however, we hit Constantia Nek with my dear friend Hutchi who I call ‘the Machine’. Because she is. Hutchi isn’t actually a runner either but she can run! By this I mean, I’m not a runner and I can’t run but she has such endurance and is extremely fit (from cycling, sailing and generally being an athletic soul) so even though she hasn’t been a runner before, she has taken to it like a duck to water. Very annoying. I huff and puff, yet she is so quiet I am not always sure she’s breathing. Other than of course she’s moving, moving.

Anyway, we had a superb run on Constantia Nek although it was so hot (and I forgot my juice!) that I was pretty delirious by the time I got to the end. I tried to suggest we go for a coffee in Constantia but instead suggested coffee in California.

I have now entered the Lions of Africa 21km race on 6 February as further motivation (read: pressure) towards my goal of finishing in Paris – this will be my first ever half marathon. Let’s not mention (again) that this obviously means I’ve never done a full marathon. And this is what is worrying me… I really need to substantially increase my distances.  Every week I am going tired on couchto have to increase them dramatically to get to the point where I’ll be able to even finish the marathon, let alone not be last.

All of this is making me tired, where’s my couch?

The Machine will be with me in Paris as she is joining me in France to celebrate my birthday and she will (thankfully) be supporting me from the sides (even though she could run it and a lot faster than I will – again, annoying). I haven’t yet got her to agree to sing Chariots of Fire as I run past at a fast pace (yeah right) but I’m working on it. I know, however, that having her there will make all the difference to my nerves and hopefully the celebration that takes place after. She’s a machine at ordering wine too!

Until next time…I’ll be lying down (for now).

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