With apologies to Mo*

I’ve been bad. Really bad. Which is not good timing with Santa coming and all but sometimes well, we’re just bad. I have let my love for my couch, koeksisters and the stress of 2015 beat me down and make me lazy (and soon, if I’m not careful, fat). It’s not breaking news to say that once you start to let yourself go, it’s a vicious circle. You feel lethargic, sometimes grumpy, unmotivated and the thought of getting up and exercising seems impossible. So you dwell in it. And the more you dwell, the greater your chance of getting off that far too comfy couch dwindles.

After 6 weeks of recovering from my op, I had finally run out of all excuses so today, 22 December, my Paris training has officially begun! I got up early and met my friend Maura (the Gazelle) in Tokai forest where we went for a lovely trot around the track. I felt better than expected and was feeling so inspired that the Gazelle and I have agreed to run every day now, so here we go! Except for Christmas Day, of course. I mean, even athletes need a day off! I reckon if I run every day until I feel more alive (hopefully in a week or 2), and then start Mo’s fabulous programme (that I’ve promised to start every month since well, a long time back), I should maybe, maybe get to finish the Paris marathon.

I met my fabulous friend Barbara for breakfast the other day. She’s one of those inspiring athletes who make it all seem so easy. She recently ran the New York marathon and following her run was beyond exciting for me. She spoke of the atmosphere there and I can only imagine. I’m hoping that that same atmosphere inspires me in Paris because I am going to need all the help I can get. While I hope I am dramatically fitter by then, I also know that it is going to be a mammoth task and that simply getting off the couch at this stage is far from any progress. So, to really show off, I will get onto my exercise bike now and sweat away while practicing my speech for the Paris podium.

*Mo, from Soul Running, offers fabulous online coaching and creates programmes to suit all levels of athletes (even beginners like me!). See www.soulrunning.co.za. Mo can be contacted at info@soulrunning.co.za

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