Preparation is key

I bought a steamer. While this might not seem earth shattering, it is a strategic purchase for someone who believes in 2.5 minute michef girl2crowaved meals (bless you Woollies). But like someone who finds so much to do before actually doing the very thing they’re aiming to do, I am getting prepared for Paris 2016. Some might call it procrastination; I call it “Runner Girl Road to Paris Preparation”! While I am not actually running at the moment (Doctor’s orders, I promise) I am getting everything else ready. By the way, I of course get that ‘not running’ when I’m planning to run the Paris marathon in 4 months is pretty crazy but it all adds to the excitement (read: madness). But I digress.

I purchased my steamer online (which is the only way to shop no?) and excitedly opened the box when it arrived (as if I didn’t know what would be inside). And there it was, looking all bright, white and pure. Exactly what every athlete needs. I rushed off to Woollies for some ready to cook veggies (I am nothing if not loyal) and defrosted some fish I had bought in anticipation of the new, healthy me.

I believe things should be simple – in other words I’m too lazy to get all chef-like – so did nothing but add water and throw everything (butternut, sweet potato and a lovely piece of salmon) into the steamer for 30 minutes. What a delicious meal! And so healthy and low in calories.

I like sweatingOf course the meal ended with some Woollies koeksisters. This obviously defeats the object of the healthy cooked meal but my take is I could have had an unhealthy meal too. Instead, I have balance. Oh and a tip: if you microwave the koeksisters for 30 seconds, they’re even more delicious.

Go Paris!

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