All the inspiration I need(ed)

Last night I received all the inspiration I need to conquer the Paris marathon. After battling this week (let’s face it, it is hard preparing for a marathon when you’re not allowed to run – 8 more days to go says Doc!) and not exactly loving my exercise bike (otherwise known as Hell), I was feeling rather unmotivated. And then I went to the launch of a brilliant initiative called The Cape Aflame (see and heard Braam Malherbe speak. Wow. I feel decidedly lazy.

As one example of what he has done, Braam ran 4200km along the entire length of the Great Wall of China which is pretty much like runrunner girlning a marathon a day, six days a week for over a hundred days! And here I am planning (note: planning, not even training yet!) to run one marathon. Can I lie down please? I am finding this exhausting.

Braam has not only physically achieved so much but more importantly does everything with the aim of giving, something I am a firm believer in. He has given so much back (what he has done for Operation Smile alone is incredible) by creating awareness and doing everything with purpose. And this is what I find truly inspiring. My run will be for St. Luke’s Hospice and knowing that doing it might hopefully help them in some small way is really what thrills me the most.

So today I have thrown off my unmotivated cape and am flying high again. Eating healthily, pedalling away on Hell (bike) and putting together my programme so that I can hit the ground running (literally) on 12 December when I’m allowed to get out there again. That means 3 months of serious training going from slouch on the couch to marathon girl. It might not be the Great Wall of China but it’s my one step towards achieving a goal I never thought I’d set out to achieve…Runner Girl is going to run a marathon in Paris!

Please join me on this exhausting journey by commenting, sharing and/or following – and please consider helping St. Luke’s Hospice if at all possible. Every little bit counts, no matter how small.

2 thoughts on “All the inspiration I need(ed)

  1. At the risk of sounding like a running stalker, I will re-read the list of your achievements whenever I feel unmotivated or daunted by my (little) task ahead – to say what you have done is magnificent is an understatement. And I will also be keeping track of your incredible 2016 “DOT Earth Challenge”! Thank you so much for commenting 🙂


  2. My PR lady, Osi, sent me your blog. I am humbled and also proud that I touched you in this way! I’m especially excited that you are also DOING the marathon for a purpose outside of just you! You GO Runner Girl! #DOT Braam

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