parkrun, flapjacks and grumpiness

Yesterday I volunteered at parkrun*, the Green Point one to be exact. It is my favourite out of the 3 different venues I’ve done – very efficiently organised and let’s face it, a perfect location. I am so thankful for having this wonderful event to participate in each week – it really helped me in the beginning to get off the couch and start running in a non-judgemental environment where everyone wants you to do well and have fun while doing it. Not that I found it fun in the beginning!

Volunteering meant enjoying some comments from the runners that were hilarious. One woman who was not feeling the location or joy (and let’s face it, we’ve all been there!) grumbled that it was ‘very hard’ (hissed with venom). I sympathised saying it was also getting quite warm when she growled “exactly” to me as if I was personally responsible for the weather. Believe me, if I could control the weather Cape Town would no longer be known as the windy city and would always be sunny but cool. Anyway, I did however find it hilarious and she reminded me of my first few parkruns where nothing could heal the pain. I was simply in hell. Volunteering was selfishly good too as it made me realise that I have in fact improved since those early days and that you just need to keep on keeping on! Having said that, training for 42km’s in 3.5 months will no doubt see me growling about how hard it is and how hot the weather is too so lady, I am with you.

After parkrun each Saturday (or any Saturday run for that matter), I usually treat myself to a delicious breakfast. Most of the time it’s fairly healthy but often I succumb to something decadent like La Belle’s flapjacks. Evil but a necessary one. Joined by my fabulous gal pal Lisa (also a parkrunner) I tucked in as if I had in fact run. Heaven.  Our conversation eventually turned to how important it is to consider what we put into our bodies both medicinally and food-wise. I realise the irony given I had just stuffed syrup-sodden flapjacks into my very happy tum but on the way home it dawned on me that I have got to change my eating habits dramatically as part of my journey to Paris. I don’t think flapjacks are going to help my running down the Champs Elysees (sadly!).

I am not a believer in starting new things on a Monday – the day has enough of its own pressure without the hell of no treats thrown into the mix – so, from today I will start a new healthy lifestyle as step 1 (given that I am not allowed to run yet!) of my get-ready-for-Paris programme. My steamer is out and calling me and I have veggies and fish with my namepic9 on it. Before I start though I need to send Lisa a message telling her not to contact me for a few days as I will be fairly grumpy (naughty food withdrawals) and will, of course, be cursing her loudly for inspiring me (it is always important to have someone else to blame).

And so it begins….Paris 2016, I’m coming for you!

*parkrun is a free 5km run held at various venues each Saturday morning at 8am. Simply register online to receive a barcode which is used to record your race time each week. You can walk or run and anyone can join in no matter their pace. It is brilliant!

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