Why why why the Paris Marathon?

The big question is: why am I intending to run the Paris marathon when reading my posts it is clear that I am so unfit and not even running at the moment? Because (a) I love a (ridiculous) challenge, (b) I’m turning 50 in March next year and refuse to be lazy, unfit and 50 – 50 on its own is bad enough, (c) I love Paris and at least it is relatively flat, and (d) why not?

Well, ‘why not’ is easy to say but how it all started is I have, together with one of my best friends, entered the Giants Cup in South Africa which is at the end of May next year. I would like to do something that really challenges me each year (okay, so next year there will be 2 things!) and the Giants Cup falls around my Dad’s birthday so I intend to do it in his memory. It is a 60km trail race in the Drakensberg (30km each day) and while beautiful, will no doubt be gruelling. I can’t wait! Then a month or so ago a friend of mine sent me a message saying “let’s enter the Paris marathon”. After laughing hysterically (not a message I’d ever expect to receive) I replied “are you crazy?”.

However, his reasoning had me stumped. I am in any event going to be in France – I’ve booked a girls’ trip for my 50th that falls around the marathon – and, as he very wisely pointed out, if I can’t run 42km by early April, I am going to struggle to do 60km trail by end May. I find it annoying when someone has an effective and logical argument. My last hope was that I wouldn’t get an entry but even that worked against me as entering was painless (apart from paying in Euro’s) and quick. Before I knew it, I had my number and my excuses had run out. I probably could have used the fact that I have never run even 10km’s on the road but it simply never came to me at the time. So now I am just hoping that number 61865 is a lucky one.

I know that I need to put some programme in place (more about that next time!) and get cracking – it is after all almost the start of December – but on top of everything else I had an operation 2 weeks ago and am unable to run until mid-December. That means I will have 3 months to train from scratch. 3 months to get ridiculously fit. 3 months to become a runner. Can I do it? I have no choice!

One thought on “Why why why the Paris Marathon?

  1. Paris is the right choice because one needs to show support for the French when they need it, on top of which my daughter is married to a Frenchman and my big brother has lived in Paris for the past 60 years. Allez Rachelle, bon chance.

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