I have a training programme!

In my last post explaipic4ning how it came about that I entered the Paris marathon (still not words I can adequately compute), I mentioned putting a training programme in place. Some months ago, Elana Meyer, who of course everyone knows and who I follow on twitter, tweeted about Soul Running, online training specialists. I thought ‘what a brilliant idea’ so immediately contacted them only to have Mauritz (Mo) reply and get me started on a great programme. I didn’t do it. Of course I had a brilliant excuse (I can’t remember what) and Mo kindly forgave me. The next month, the same thing. I won’t bore you by repeating just how many months this went on for but suffice to say, I communicated my lack of training to Mo each month and he patiently stood by me. I had been doing a few trail runs and he offered great support so at least I wasn’t lying on the couch but boy, he deserves credit. I vow that one day when I am up on that podium I will immediately thank Mo (along with my manager Mom and Elana for the great referral) because he was positive despite the odds (note to Mo: let’s face it, there isn’t a podium in my future but I thank you anyway).

After I entered the Paris marathon I received another positive email from Mo asking me how my training was going. I explained that I had been overseas on holiday and had done nothing much and was about to have an op which would mean no running until mid-December BUT that I had entered the Paris marathon. Instead of writing back saying “this is crazy talk”, he sent me an excited response saying “Wow, I love that” and that he would make sure I am ready for it.

In preparation for my programme to begin, I hauled my exercise bike out of storage. It has been there for 3 years after I moved from my previous house because it no longer had a use. In that house, it had been perfectly positioned next to the Jacuzzi which meant you could hang your towel at exactly the right place to get out in comfort. There is no Jacuzzi in this house so into storage it went. Now it’s back, dusted off and I intend to start cycling today. My commitment is 30 minutes a day.

Watch this space. But not too intently please.


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